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Sheep summary by MLA – 12/07/2016

Lamb throughput at Dubbo decreased 24% this week (5th-12th of July 2016), to 23,900 head.  Quality was good throughout the yarding, with both trade and heavy weight lines well supplied, along with a few runs of well finished Merinos.

All the regular buyers operated, along with the return of one major supermarket buyer.

Mutton consignments increased 10%, to 8,250 head. Most grades were represented in a yarding with a fair amount of quality overall.

  • Light weight 2 score Merino lambs held steady averaging 611¢/kg cwt
  • Trade weight 4 score lambs to processors held firm, averaging 639¢/kg cwt
  • Heavy weight 4 score lambs to slaughter eased 5¢, averaging 623¢/kg cwt
  • Extra heavy weight 4 score lambs averaged 4¢ lower, at 647¢/kg cwt

Lamb numbers at Bendigo declined 27%, to 8,759 head. Quality remained mixed, reflecting the seasonal conditions, with some notable supplementary fed trade types penned. Competition for main trade categories remained exceptionally strong, with reports of wet weather having an effect on availability across southern regions.

Mutton throughput decreased 6%, to 1,840 head. Crossbred and Merino ewes made up the majority of the yarding, with the market trending cheaper overall.

  • Light weight 2 score Merino lambs gained 62¢, averaging 565¢/kg cwt
  • Trade weight 3 score first-cross lambs jumped 45¢, at 654¢/kg cwt
  • Heavy weight 3 score lambs to processors were up 5¢, at 666¢/kg cwt
  • Medium weight 2 score Merino ewes averaged 1¢ lower, at 374¢/kg cwt

At the close of Monday’s markets:

  • The eastern states restocker lamb indicator averaged 591¢, up 15¢/kg cwt from where it finished the previous day
  • Merino lambs were up 7¢, on 592¢/kg cwt
  • Light lambs were up 4¢, to 579¢/kg cwt
  • Trade lambs were up 7¢, to 620¢/kg cwt
  • Heavy lambs were up 2¢, to 634¢/kg cwt
  • The mutton indicator gained 13¢, on 387¢/kg cwt

Source: MLA

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