‘Pokemon Go’ lures trainers to make blood donations

The Australian Red Cross Blood Service is always looking for ways to capture more blood donors – but never did it think this would happen with a Pokeball!

But that was the case, as savvy, Pokemon Go-addicted staff placed a lure at a Pokestop near the mobile donor centre in Brisbane, capturing 10 donors – six of them who had never given blood before.

This represented nearly a quarter of the mobile donor centre’s collection target for the day.

The local marketing team – which admittedly includes some Pokemon Go fans – set a Lure at a point close to the mobile donor centre, quickly attracting a congregation of Pokemon trainers, snapped by fellow trainers on social media.

Blood Service spokeswoman Belinda Smetioukh said Pokemon Go had already been credited with getting gamers out and walking – now it could be credited with saving lives through blood donation.

“Attracting Pokemon trainers to our mobile donor centre enabled a discussion between staff and the trainers, and we were able to capture some equally rare creatures of our own: new donors!” Ms Smetioukh said.

“Those 10 extra donations will go on to help save or improve 30 lives – and those patients will owe their wellbeing to 10 very keen Pokemon Go trainers.”

Brisbane has four mobile donor centres, which still need extra donors.

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