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Report shows good results from flood recovery money

A report on Government assistance to farmers following the June 2015 Taranaki-Horizons storm shows that good results were achieved, says Primary Industries Minister Nathan Guy.

“These storms had a major impact on the region and caused widespread damage, so it’s pleasing to see that Government funding has made a real difference,” says Mr Guy.

“The storm on 18-20 June 2015 brought widespread heavy rainfall, flooding and erosion to the Taranaki and Horizons regions. Hill sheep and beef farmers were particularly affected by flooding of river margins and damage to tracks and fences, with damage also to dairy land and young forest plantations.”

The Government provided an assistance package for affected farmers totalling $1.68 million made up of:

  • $1,280,000 contingency funding for rural on-farm infrastructure repair
  • $300,000 support for regional councils’ resilience initiatives
  • $100,000 for building business resilience activities.

“The report shows the funding has helped the worst-hit farms with on-farm infrastructure repair, including access and fencing, and removal of silt and debris. This has helped get basic farm systems restored and in turn support other businesses providing rural services.

“Many farmers have now shown an increased interest in projects that would reduce sediment loss to rivers and have wider community benefits, like erosion control and riparian planting.

“The Ministry for Primary Industries, Horizons and Taranaki Regional Councils, and the local Rural Support Trusts all worked together to quickly get farmers back to business.

“In addition, Government provided support through the Enhanced Task Force Green scheme and Rural Assistance Payments, which were extended through to end of March 2016.”

The total assistance package for the rural sectors of Taranaki and the Manawatu-Whanganui regions was around $2.3 million.

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