Reopening of meat exports to Iran

The reopening of trade between New Zealand and Iran with meat exports is a great opportunity for our meat industry said Federated Farmers.

Market access to Iran effectively ceased in 1998 as a result of international sanctions imposed on the Islamic state.

Primary Industries Minister Nathan Guy however, cleared the way for resumption of trade when he concluded a veterinary agreement with his Iranian counterpart in Tehran in February 2017.

While the resumption in lamb shipment was recognition of a past relationship with Iran, there was great potential said Federated Farmers’ Meat and Fibre Chair Rick Powdrell.

“After what is effectively 20 years, it’s akin to opening up a new market for our meat exporters,” said Rick.

“It’s really heartening to see New Zealand meat companies prepared to work through those protocols to make things happen.

“I know there are also challenges around banking arrangements as we have no major banks in Iran, and that can make financing more awkward.

“While the first export of lamb is around a modest 60 tonnes of frozen cuts, it promises to be the start of bigger trade in the future,” said Rick.

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