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Tool for farmers to measure nitrogen loss rates

Environment Canterbury announced its approval of a tool for farmers to measure the nitrogen loss rates from their properties.

“NCheck” has been approved for use across Canterbury, in limited circumstances.

Earlier in 2017 it was approved for use in the Selwyn Te Waihora catchment only.

Environment Canterbury Chief Executive Bill Bayfield said NCheck is a simple way for farmers and lifestyle block owners to find out their property’s nitrogen losses and whether they need a land use consent to farm.

Cropping farms and those with low nitrogen losses can then use the NCheck report in the consent process.

OVERSEER® is still the best tool for farms with high nitrogen losses.

NCheck can be used until 2020, when a number of farms in the region will be required to reduce their nitrogen losses.

“This tool has already proven easy for farmers to use, which ultimately will lead to good environmental outcomes,” Mr Bayfield said.

“In Selwyn Te Waihora, use of NCheck has helped minimise delays in farmers obtaining consent and to move forward implementation of farm environment plans and progress towards farming to limits in the catchment.”

For more information on NCheck and the “Farming to Limits” programme, go to

View more on the Land & Water Regional Plan here.

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