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Manufacturing Manifesto for 2017

ManufacturingNZ has released its Manifesto for the 2017 election.

ManufacturingNZ Executive Director Catherine Beard says manufacturers in New Zealand are leaders in innovation, and they want better outcomes from the education system.

“Manufacturing is succeeding on the back of talent-driven innovation, and manufacturers need more employees with the right skills. They would like to see our tertiary institutions doing more to deliver the practical, technical and other skills necessary for 21st century manufacturing,” Catherine Beard said.

“In addition, they recognise that immigration plays an important role in easing skill shortages, and they would like easier access to key skills when needed.

“Manufacturers have an interest in a workable system for encouraging research and development and would like to see an improved system for accelerated investment in innovation.

“And manufacturers want a fair and equal opportunity to win tenders in local supply chains. They would like to see large government tenders placing greater emphasis on the economic, social and environmental impacts of their purchasing, along with ‘whole of life’ costs, which would help local firms contribute more to large government-led projects.”

Catherine Beard said manufacturing was an important part of the economic landscape, employing a quarter of a million people and producing around 50 per cent of New Zealand’s exports.

“Manufacturers would like to see a Government elected that is responsive to the needs of this important sector.”

Source: BusinessNZ 

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