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Steve Lowndes elected as Chairperson

Environment Canterbury’s Council elected Steve Lowndes as Chairperson. Steve, formerly the Deputy Chairman, has been Acting Chairman since 20 July 2017 until 30 November 2017. The Deputy Chairman elected is Peter Scott.

Steve Lowndes replaces former Chairman David Bedford. David was elected as Chairman by the Council following the local body elections in October 2016. In July 2017 he requested leave of absence due to ill health. He has since resigned as a member of Environment Canterbury, necessitating the election of a new Chairperson.

The process at the public meeting saw Councillor Tom Lambie residing as Interim Chair due to Steve Lowndes’ nomination. Steve was elected Chair, and Peter Deputy Chair, unopposed.

“I am delighted and humbled to be elected into the role of Chairman of Environment Canterbury. And very pleased to have Peter Scott as the Deputy Chair. This organisation undertakes very important work for the region, and I have been impressed with the knowledge, commitment and actions of my fellow Councillors and the staff. There are undoubtedly many challenges ahead and it is not a easy road, but the foundations are solid and I am confident that with the mix of views and skills we have access to, that we can continue to deliver for the community,” says Chairman Lowndes.

“This election of a new Chairperson is however bittersweet, as it has only come about due to the failing health of David Bedford, who did an excellent job in bringing together and leading previously appointed and newly elected Councillors. As a Council, and personally, I would like to thank David for his legacy and wish him the very best.”

Source: Environment Canterbury

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