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Government’s new approach reflects importance of biosecurity to all Kiwis

As the struggle to deal with various nasty biosecurity incursions goes on around the country, particularly against the horrendous cattle disease Mycoplasma bovis, Federated Farmers is encouraged to see the Government take biosecurity seriously enough to give it its own department.

The launch of Biosecurity NZ, one of four new business units within the Ministry for Primary Industries, shows not only is the future of New Zealand’s primary sector taken seriously, but the safety of every New Zealander is, Federated Farmers national president Katie Milne says.

“Biosecurity touches everyone. If you have ever freely strolled through a park without a snake bite, bought an apple or grown your own disease free produce – you get to because of biosecurity efforts.”

New Zealand relies so much on the primary sector to keep afloat in the globalization era that any biosecurity breach could impact every member of the public, Katie says.

“Our economy needs the best biosecurity protection to exist. Biosecurity prevents threats such as Foot and Mouth Disease breaching our borders. Even home gardeners need to realise with pests such as the Pea weevil arriving on our shores they too can be and will be impacted if breaches occur.”

Every New Zealander, no matter where they’re from, needs to help support biosecurity efforts, she says.

“There is no New Zealand B. This is what we’ve got. It’s up to us as a community to protect it.”

Source: Federated Farmers

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