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Environmentally friendly bulls welcomed

Calrenah And WATCHMAN ET. Image courtesy of CRV Ambreed

Four new ‘environmentally friendly’ bulls have been included as part of CRV Ambreed’s latest team of proven sires.

New graduates Ambzed Powells CORTEX S2F, Tralee Shadow DART-ET S2F, Glen Leith Degree OMNIBUS, and Calrenah And WATCHMAN ET are four of 28 bulls in the CRV Ambreed LowN Sires team for 2018.

“In March 2017, we announced our plans to market bulls that are genetically superior for a new trait that is related to the amount of urea nitrogen in milk,” says CRV Ambreed Product Manager Oceania Peter van Elzakker.

He says the LowN Sires bull team was popular when it was released, and indications are that even more farmers will consider using genetics strategically to lower nitrogen output.

“Environment Minister David Parker has generated discussion with his comments around the importance of managing nutrient runoff. Most farmers are already doing this, and many CRV clients are focused on what genetics can do to help.”

Daughters from CRV Ambreed’s LowN Sires team are expected to pee out less nitrogen, a potentially powerful aid in assisting farmers to reduce their environmental footprint. Van Elzakker says the LowN Sires team in 2018 offers an even stronger genetic gain, as the breeding value for MUN continues to improve.

Van Elzakker says nitrogen excretion can be mitigated and influenced through feeding and breeding, and Bulk Milk Urea can be used as an indicator of where the herd is at. “Farmers are beginning the journey to greener cows now.”

CRV Ambreed’s new additions to the LowN Sires TEAM:

Ambzed Powells CORTEX S2F
Cortex is a high-NZMI Friesian sire with superb production and type traits. High protein and fat BVs are complemented with great capacity, dairy conformation, and strong udder overall. His longevity is exceptional with a BLE of 7%. Cortex has good shed traits making him a bull that ticks all the boxes if you are going for production and type.

Tralee Shadow DART-ET S2F
Dart is a high-NZMI Friesian sire with good shed traits, especially when it comes to temperament. This A2A2 bull has a solid TOP and will produce moderate size cows with good capacity. His daughters maintain body condition and are fertile.

Glen Leith Degree OMNIBUS
If you want to go for production then Omnibus is your bull. This graduate Jersey is a Degree son with exceptional protein and fat BV. Omnibus is a high liveweight A2A2 bull with an excellent BLE of 9%. His daughters realise all the production while still getting in-calf and maintaining body condition.

Calrenah And WATCHMAN ET
Watchman is another sizeable addition to the LowN Sires team. At 7% for BLH and 6% for BLE he shows that care for the environment and high index can go together. His daughters have size, capacity and great udders.

Source: CRV Ambreed

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