Prices for winter veggies cool down

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Winter vegetables were cheaper in May 2019, Stats NZ said.

Broccoli, potatoes, and cabbages all fell in price in May 2019.

“The cooler weather brought cheaper winter vegetables,” consumer prices manager Gael Price said.

In the May 2019 month, broccoli fell 12 percent, potatoes fell 3.0 percent, and cabbages fell 11 percent.

In the year to May 2019, kumara were 37 percent cheaper.

“The average price of kumara was $4.86 per kilo in May (2019), down from $7.77 per kilo a year ago, when prices were unusually high after wet weather led to a shortage,” Ms Price said.

Despite lower prices for winter vegetables, avocados hit a new record high in May 2019. Avocado prices reached $5.73 per 200g, 13 percent higher than a year ago.

“Avocado prices fluctuate greatly during the year, with supplies typically available between August and April, and prices typically peaking around May or June,” Ms Price said.

Orange prices rose 18 percent in May 2019, reaching a record high of $4.58 per kg, while kiwifruit prices fell 42 percent.

Dairy products cost more in May 2019, after falling in early 2019. The average price of a kilogram of mild cheddar cheese reached $9.57, up from $8.79 in April 2019, the highest prices in almost five years.

Cheese (up 7.6 percent), butter (up 5.1 percent), and yoghurt (up 2.0 percent) prices were all up compared with April 2019.

“Global dairy auction prices have risen this year (2019). We are now seeing these rises reflected in supermarket prices,” Ms Price said.

Eggs, both free-range and non-free-range, rose 1.6 percent for the month as free-range egg suppliers remain under pressure to adjust for the egg shortage.

Overall, monthly food prices rose in May 2019, up 0.7 percent, and increased 1.7 percent in the year to May 2019.

Source: Stats NZ

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