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Horticulture industry needs faster approvals from the EPA

Horticulture New Zealand says the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) needs to speed up its approval of crop protection products, particularly those that are the most environmentally friendly.

‘The New Zealand Institute of Economic Research’s report released by Agcarm estimates that our horticulture industry would lose 75% of its value – approximately $4.875 billion a year – without crop protection products,’ says Horticulture New Zealand Chief Executive, Mike Chapman.

‘Our industry cannot currently operate effectively without pesticides. However, where they can, our growers are progressively lessening their use and want to move to products that are as environmentally friendly as possible.

‘HortNZ and the horticulture industry want to work with the EPA to speed up the approval of organic and synthetic products that fight pests and diseases in the most sustainable, environmentally friendly way possible.

‘As today’s (July 23 2019) report also estimates, a one year delay in approval costs between $7 million to $70 million in lost GDP over a decade.

‘This cost estimate can only increase given consumers are demanding that their food is grown with minimal environmental impact, using as few and as friendly crop protection products as possible.’

Source: Horticulture New Zealand

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