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Federated Farmers threatened by plant-based milk

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The rise of plant-based milk has threatened Federated Farmers, who in a recent interview said plant-based alternatives should be banned from using the term ‘milk’.

New Zealand Federated Farmers Dairy Group Industry spokesperson Chris Lewis told Magic Talk’s Rural Exchange that plant-based products shouldn’t be allowed to use the term ‘milk’. This was during a discussion about moves by Australian Dairy Farmers (ADF) to restrict the term to bovine dairy products in Australia.

SAFE’s Eat Kind Programme Coordinator Krysta Neve says the industry is feeling threatened as customers make conscious purchasing decisions.

“Plant-based milk products like soy and almond milk have been around for centuries,” says Krysta.

“A recent Horizon Research Poll said Kiwis are eating less meat and dairy products. It also indicated the majority of Kiwis would consider removing meat from their diets entirely. This shift has threatened both the meat and dairy industries. They appear to be considering anti-competitive tactics to protect their interests, like what we’re seeing in Australia.”

Plant-based meat company Sunfed Meats has seen similar legal action. The Poultry Industry Association New Zealand (PIANZ) took them to the Commerce Commission in 2017, claiming the labelling of its ‘Chicken Free Chicken’ breached the Fair Trading Act. A spokesperson for the Commission said that Sunfed had not breached the act, as the package stated that the product was made from plant protein.

“Kiwis are demanding kinder alternatives that combat animal suffering, environmental degradation and preventable diseases. There are so many delicious alternatives on the market now that we are spoiled for choice. Milk alternatives are just a small part of a huge market also offering animal-free meats, cheeses and ice creams among many others.”

“It’s never been easier for Kiwis to take meat and dairy off their plate. We encourage everyone to try it out by signing up to our six-week 100% Plant-Based Challenge.”

Source: SAFE NZ

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