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New NAIT standards will improve animal traceability and benefit farmers

The introduction of new NAIT standards and guidelines will bring added value for farmers and NAIT users with tag manufacturers, accredited entities and information providers to come under greater scrutiny says OSPRI. These changes follow the recent NAIT standards consultation.

Head of NAIT Kevin Forward says, “We thank everyone who participated in OSPRI’s consultation. This helped guide our final recommendations and ensured that farmers and industry all had a voice.

“The three new standards will mean more targeted performance and monitoring of third-party information providers to NAIT. They will also provide more accountability around livestock data transfer and privacy with formal contracts, regular audits, and renewal of accreditation every three years.

“The NAIT system can no longer operate alone in isolation. Improving how the NAIT system works with third-party providers is vital to supporting biosecurity preparedness or a response in the event of a future incursion,” says Mr Forward.

Tag manufacturers are also to be closely monitored with emphasis on livestock tag retention. A tag reporting process is to be introduced with more educational resources on best practice for tag application and replacement.

This development will assist OSPRI’s ongoing focus with improving the integrity of NAIT data alongside those key traceability aspects of tag retention and readability.

“We’ve listened to farmers, and its apparent there are issues with tag retention. The new Animal Identification Device Standard will ensure tag manufacturers are held accountable for their products and that they meet international standards.

“It’s up to farmers now to report issues with tags. OSPRI will be managing this process with NAIT reporting annually on complaints received and any emerging trends.

“While these changes may impact on tag manufacturers, accredited entities and information providers in the short-term, it will encourage them to improve their services and products, and this will lead to better outcomes for farmers and industry.”

OSPRI will be in contact with those currently accredited to advise them of the reaccreditation process.

Source: OSPRI

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