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Level 1 puts focus on the economy

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The BusinessNZ network welcomes the move to Alert Level 1 and the return to more normal practices at workplaces.

BusinessNZ Chief Executive Kirk Hope says New Zealand’s team of 5 million have worked together successfully to manage the health risks from Covid 19 and now need to work together in the same way to manage the economic risks and look after businesses and jobs.

“Alert level 1 means there are very low levels of risk to New Zealanders from Covid 19 and it means we can get back into our towns and cities, and fully back into our workplaces safely.

“Our economy depends on people actively buying, selling, producing, collaborating – the more of this we have, the quicker we recover.

“The public and private sectors, and all New Zealanders have a role to play in helping each other and making this happen.”

Source: BusinessNZ

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