Anchor launches plant-based milk bottle in South Island

Anchor has launched its plant-based bottle, which is recyclable, in the South Island. The availability of the bottle in the South Island demonstrates Fonterra’s commitment to have all packaging reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025.

Anchor Blue 2L, in the new plant-based bottle, landed on shelves across the South Island at the beginning of this month And while it’s still filled with the same fresh NZ dairy milk from Fonterra farmers – the bottle is made from sugarcane.

The sugarcane used in our plant-based plastic is natural, renewable, and sustainably sourced and is an alternative to non-renewable sources like fossil fuels. In addition, sugarcane captures CO2 from the atmosphere as it grows, resulting in a milk bottle that also has a low carbon footprint. The sugarcane is made into plant-based HDPE plastic in Brazil and the bottle itself is made here in New Zealand and is recyclable in kerbside recycling collections.

Fonterra Brands New Zealand, Marketing Director, Mike Boness says: “Following the successful launch of the plant-based bottle in 2020 we are excited to be bringing it to the South Island, making this sustainable bottle available to all Kiwis across the country.”

“This plant-based milk bottle is an important component in Fonterra’s wider sustainability strategy. We have also committed to moving towards renewable energy in transport and manufacturing and finding ways to manage and reduce our emissions over the whole supply chain.”

To date, and since the launch of the plant-based bottle in 2020 in the North Island, Kiwis have saved enough emissions to travel from Cape Reinga to Bluff 363 times – that’s 757,200 km.*

The Anchor plant-based Blue 2L bottle is now available in selected supermarkets, BPs and Wild Bean Café’s nationwide.

Source: Anchor

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