Trade general manager to oversee export strategy

Australia’s horticulture Research and Development Corporation announced the appointment of a dedicated Trade and Export General Manager as it continues to strengthen the nation’s fruit, vegetable and nut export capacity.

Michael Rogers has a wealth of experience in government and industry across a broad range of agrifood issues, including international trade arrangements, industry export priorities, foreign investment and infrastructure.

Horticulture Innovation Australia Chief Executive John Lloyd said the role was created in line with the organisation’s ongoing commitment to boost Australia’s trade.

“It is with great pleasure that we announce the appointment of Micheal Rogers, a professional with extensive experience across a variety of key trade-related agricultural activities,” he said.

Born in Kalgoorlie Western Australia and raised in the Burdekin region, North Queensland, Mr Rogers has a strong affinity with rural and regional Australia, and has been the recipient of a number of industry awards for his contribution to the agricultural industry.

Mr Rogers drove the establishment of the Agribusiness Forum at the Australian Food and Grocery Council where he worked to improve the international trade arrangements for processed food, developing strategies and looking for opportunities to improve export systems and policies.

In previous roles, Mr Rogers has been involved in a variety of international negotiating forums as part of his role on Australian Government trade delegations.

“Mr Rogers’ experience and leadership capability is instrumental in the development and implementation of Hort Innovation’s trade and export strategy. It will allow us to further align the needs of the nation’s growers with the Australian Government Department of Agriculture and Water Resources,” Mr Lloyd said. Mr Rogers will start on July 25 2016.

Other Horticulture Innovation Australia trade activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Facilitating the promotion of Australia’s fruit, nut and vegetables at three key international trade shows in Hong Kong, China and Dubai in 2016 as part of the Australia Fresh export market development program.
  • Bringing together industry bodies and growers to showcase Australian export processes and produce to Chinese trade officials.
  • Working with the citrus industry and Australian Government to secure blood orange access to South Korea, and other partners to deliver research and development projects to support nectarine access to China.
  • Signing research agreements with Indian Government agencies which have enhanced relationships.
  • Establishing a Trade Assessments Panel and an industry Trade Advisory Panel, tasked with prioritising products for market access.
  • And there is plenty more to come.

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