Territory mango exports one step closer

The Northern Territory (NT) Government has opened a Request for Proposal (RFP) process, inviting proposals from eligible proponents to establish and operate a mango export treatment service in the Top End.

“The NT Government is committed to advancing the NT agricultural industry and supporting local business.

This service will stimulate the direct export of NT mangoes to China, South Korea, Japan and Indonesia, a market of 1.8 billion people,” said Minister Gary Higgins.

A $2 million investment into the Territory mango industry to support exports was a 2016 budget announcement by the NT Government and includes a significant grant component of $1.75 million to the successful proponent.

The successful proposal will address a list of criteria aimed at providing an export treatment service that meets the import requirements of markets in Asia and gives consideration to logistics solutions to deliver top quality NT mangoes to these.

Australian mangoes have access to China, Korea, Japan and Indonesia provided the mangoes comply with access requirements.

A local export treatment service will give Territory mango producers and exporters an opportunity for faster direct exports to these markets.

The Territory mango industry has grown over the last 10 years and is producing approximately 50 percent of Australia’s mangoes.

There is a significant opportunity for Territory mango producers to capitalise on this growth and to access, diversified and high-value markets in China, South Korea, Japan and Indonesia, which are all experiencing increasing demand for high quality Australian food products.

China alone has a middle class of an estimated 225 million people. This is an economy with enormous growth in purchasing power that is propelling huge increases in consumption across a wide variety of sectors, including agriculture.

Currently the closest export treatment service for Territory mangoes is in Queensland. Establishing a service in the NT will facilitate the export of Territory mangoes direct to markets in a timely manner and in better condition, creating market advantage for Territory product.

Access to Asian markets has progressed significantly over the last 10 years and a local export service available to all NT mango producers will be an important step towards Territory mangoes being in markets such as China, South Korea, Japan and Indonesia.

An RFP process will be undertaken and commences Tuesday, 2nd August 2016.

This will enable a competitive process, where proponents submit proposals in accordance with the criteria detailed in the RFP document.

Prospective proponents can register their interest at for a copy of the RFP document.

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