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Sheep electronic ID tags now much more affordable

Sheep producers can now electronically identify their livestock at even lower prices.

Two suppliers of electronic identification (EID) tags for sheep have recently dropped their prices.

Allflex have reduced the price of their electronic RapIDTag to $0.89.

Datamars have reduced the price of their electronic Sheep (FET) tag to $0.80—they have also reduced the price of their Cattle (Round) tag to $0.82 when purchased online.

The cheapest electronic tag available cost $0.77 and is manufactured by Victorian based supplier Leader Products.

The use of electronic ID tags for sheep is voluntary, but because they can be machine-read in a fraction of a second they have significant productivity benefits for farmers over visual tags.

Victoria’s Chief Veterinary Officer Dr Charles Milne said that cheaper tags will help more Victorian producers harness the benefits of electronic identification.

“By delivering cheaper electronic tags and more choice, we are making the use of electronic identification even more attractive for sheep and goat producers,” Dr Milne said.

The use of sheep EID tags is part of ensuring Victoria has a reliable and robust tracking and tracing system for livestock, should there be an emergency animal disease or food safety issue.

“Our livestock industries have exports of $6.7 billion a year—it’s vital that we have the best possible systems in place to help safeguard this vital trade,” Dr Milne said.

Livestock producer and Chair of Victoria’s Sheep and Goats Identification Advisory Committee, Stuart McLean pointed out the many opportunities available with the use of electronic identification technology.

“I would urge everyone across the sector to have a good look at what is available and to consider how they might utilise new systems to improve effectiveness and efficiencies across the supply chain,” Mr McLean said.

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