Food Connect creating opportunities for local food

Lovers of quality, ethical produce are invited to attend ‘Feeding the Future’ a wine and dine evening with celebrity chef, Matt Golinski, while learning more about how to establish a bulkbuying group for local, ecologically grown food.

Hosted by Food Connect in a chic warehouse space in the heart of Salisbury (Brisbane), the event will take place on Saturday September 3 2016, and is open to anyone interested in how to make local, seasonal, greattasting food affordable.

Food Connect is a social enterprise that is fastbecoming a hub for local food, educational and cultural events.

The organisation currently supplies over 20 buyers groups and numerous restaurants and cafes in the Brisbane area. Its buyers groups enable likeminded people to buy the freshest local produce at wholesale prices.

Founder of Food Connect, Rob Pekin, said: “We’d love to see more people banding together with others in their local community to form buyers groups. They are easy to get up and running, and can provide a discount of up to 50% on a wide range of fruit, vegetables, dairy, and other gourmet items.”

Proceedings will begin at 3pm with a series of short informative presentations on how buyers clubs support farmers and benefit communities. This will be followed by a panel discussion with successful buyers clubs to learn the howto of setting one up for yourself. The evening will culminate in a standup degustation and a talk from Matt Golinski from 6:00pm onwards.

Matt has been one of Australia’s top chefs for the last 20 years and is best known for his regular appearances on the television show ‘Ready, Steady, Cook’.

He has always been passionate about local, ethical produce and has been a longstanding supporter of Food Connect.

On the night, he will be serving up a series of delicious dishes, to showcase how to get the most
out of seasonal delights.

Matt; “We’re so lucky here in Queensland to have access to quality local produce year round. It feels great to cook food that’s nourishing for individuals, families, farming communities and the land itself.”

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