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Turnbull Government invests in new decadal climate science

The Turnbull Government will invest $37 million over 10 years to create a decadal climate science monitoring and forecasting capacity within the new CSIRO Climate Science Centre.

Decadal forecasts aim to predict fluctuations in the climate system up to 10 years ahead of time.

Reliable decadal forecasts will help decision-makers in agriculture, energy, water, health, finance and other sectors to manage the risks and opportunities arising from variations in climate.

The $37 million investment in climate science includes the creation of 15 new positions as part of the Climate Science Centre.

This announcement is part of the Turnbull Government’s strong commitment to science as a key driver of economic prosperity.

Building our strength in science allows us to capture greater opportunities for Australians. Our scientific strength as a nation is key to job security and job creation.

Dr Steve Rintoul will initially lead the centre, which will help to inform decisions about climate mitigation and adaptation in Australia and around the world.

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