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Wholesale trade continues to rise

Wholesale trade sales rose for the fourth consecutive quarter in March 2017, Stats NZ said.

Seasonally adjusted total wholesale trade sales were up 2.1 percent in the March 2017 quarter, after rising 1.1 percent in the December 2016 quarter and 1.1 percent in the September 2016 quarter.

“The March 2017 quarter’s rise in total wholesaling was led by basic material wholesaling,” business indicators manager Craig Liken said.

“Basic material wholesaling includes agricultural products, petroleum, metal and mineral, and timber wholesaling.”

When adjusted for seasonal effects, five of the six wholesaling industries rose in the March 2017 quarter, and one industry had no change.

The largest industry increase was in basic material wholesaling, which was up 3.7 percent ($186 million) from the December 2016 quarter.

The other industries with large sales movements were:

  • motor vehicle and motor vehicle parts – up 3.8 percent ($94 million)
  • other goods wholesaling – up 2.3 percent ($88 million).

The other goods wholesaling industry includes textile, clothing, and footwear; pharmaceutical and toiletry goods; and furniture and floor covering.

The trend for wholesale trade sales has generally been increasing since late 2009.

The actual value of wholesale trade sales was $23.4 billion in the March 2017 quarter, up almost $1.2 billion (5.3 percent) from the March 2016 quarter.

Source: Stats NZ

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