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National Fieldays – a farming event like no other

The strength and relevance of the New Zealand primary sector was showcased and celebrated at the national Fieldays at Mystery Creek in the Waikato.

The annual event, now in its 49th year, attracted all parts of society with an estimated 1456 exhibits on view, ranging from the conventional tractor and farm machinery to rural health and education/careers hubs.

Federated Farmers’ National Vice President Anders Crofoot was at the event. He said the diversity on offer makes it particularly appealing to all New Zealanders.

“Fieldays really demonstrates how progressive and fascinating farming and the primary sector is with the science and innovation hub very popular with young and old alike.

“They’ve predicted around 120,000 visitors onsite, a wide range of urban and rural people.

“I’m interested to see what injection the economy gets from this event. In 2016 they estimated about $430 million, which goes to show that the primary sector is undoubtedly the backbone of the country’s economy when you consider that investment is made over a few days,” says Anders.

For farmers, Fieldays was an opportune time to get off-farm to learn and invest in new trends and innovations which would improve and add value to their businesses.

“Fieldays is an important event that many farmers put aside in their calendars knowing that it will be an interesting and uplifting experience.

“It’s a great place for sharing ideas with fellow farmers and getting first-hand experience of handling a new tractor or mobile based software with apps for farm management,” Anders says.

The Federated Farmers team at Fieldays reported a busy week talking with farmers and visitors about the work the Federation does in the provinces, on behalf of members and all farmers.

Provincial presidents and staff were present, answering questions and advising farmers on a range of topics from on-farm compliance whether it be environmental, employment, health and safety or to what might happen in the upcoming General Election.

“Our team is well qualified to assist farmers on those daily issues that affect their businesses and livelihoods. It’s our strength and sets us apart from other primary sector groups, having farmers acting for farmers.

“An event like Fieldays also helps Federated Farmers connect with the provinces and farmers, to find out what they are thinking and what we can do for them to improve our leadership and services,” Anders says.

Source: Federated Farmers

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