Increased fire risk for Hawke’s Bay

Hawke's Bay

Fire and Emergency New Zealand is asking Hawke’s Bay farmers to think twice before undertaking burn-offs.

There’s an increased risk of fire danger this weekend, due to unseasonably warm and windy conditions, paired with a lack of rainfall.

Principal Rural Fire Officer Trevor Mitchell says with temperatures expected to get close to 20 degrees, anyone planning on lighting a fire needs to be cautious.

“Due to the on-going dry conditions in the region, we have areas where dry grass is still present.

“Anywhere where dry grass is present has an escalated fire risk. This can cause a fire to quickly spread and cause unnecessary callouts.”

Mr Mitchell says a fortnight ago we had similar conditions and were called to several out of control burn-offs.

“These fires threatened houses and properties.

We needed a helicopter to assist in extinguishing one of the fires.”

If anyone in the community sees a fire that looks like it is getting out of control, don’t hesitate to call 111.

Source: Fire and Emergency New Zealand

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